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Chris McCabe

I've breakfasted on Kelder's 'French Pastry' many times, it's a fascinating treatise on how a word and a thing can exist in the world at the same time. I've pondered over tea: how can a croissant become political? Cralan's work is full of these magical transformations, the disarming metamorphses of speech into poetry and the start of the meaningful conversation.
Cralan keeps post-it notes printed with upside-down aphorisms, promoted by the opening of cupboards, curtains. The clairty of his address occupies the place where language is thought, speech poetry. Never anything other than a laid-back lover of life sharing the moment where all pretence is stripped. These are real the poems of a poet stripped of obsessional ambitions for grants, reviews, fame, drifting his mind over the domestic clutter of an ordinary day. When the only option is language, he captures that moment for posterity.

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