> Performing / spoken word / stand-up poetry

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> Upcoming Performances

15 April 2012 PARIS SpokenWord. CLICK FOR details.

2012: 5 November Poetry Library London.

May 12 Prague Microfestival as ACHE the Alabama Crackhouse Experience w/ McJabber & Terrill

San FranciscoJune 1 Noel Black and Sunnylyn Thibodeaux.

11 & 12 Nov Berlin Poetry Hearings Baby!
19 Sept Perdu Beat Poets in Translation. Louise Landes Levi, Rodaan al galidi, Simon Vinkenoog Hans Plomp David Miller

> Past performances:
San Francisco Bird & Beckett, Berkeley Moes, Ruigoord Fiery Tongues, Amsterdam Perdu Scotland StAnza Virtual London Oxfam, St Andrews, StAnza Festival, IVY Writers, paris, Scottish Poetry Library, edinburgh, café prague, san francisco; yak yak, san francisco; open stanza, amsterdam; uitmarkt, amsterdam; uitfeest, utrecht; bardroom, budapest; sneaknacht, amersfoort/utrecht; pigeon poetry boat to curacao, amsterdam; salon des mots, utrecht; small publishers fair RGAP , london; versal readings red wheelbarrow, paris,amsterdam literary festival, Visual Voice Poetry Be-In. Bordercrossing, berlin. SLAU. Festival Mooie Woorden. Amsterdam Index. Poetry Hearings, Micro Festival Prague Berlin. NY, zagreb.

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