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Another Amsterdam Diary

March 2003 / War Declared - Arrested / 1 of 6

Recently at an Open Stanza poetry reading, we decided to participate in the anti-war demonstration that would be held the following day on the Museumplein, in the center of Amsterdam. A group of poets from New York, Poets Consensus, had written asking what we were doing in aid of efforts to stop the war, and we felt moved to organise our share of the work. The help of a poet or two was enlisted. We came up with half a dozen poetic slogans, including:

Shocking & Awful

Alweer "Nooit Meer"? - Again "Never Again"?

Our objective was to paste these flyers on a structure that had been erected to protect the US consulate from “the people”. Two days previous to the demonstration, the city had arrived in the middle of the night and erected a barricade of 25 or so red shipping containers in a cordon around the consulate.

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